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Digital Lava Restoration

The Benefits of Digital Lava Restoration

Digital Lava restoration can help dental patients to achieve results that are more natural looking than other restorative materials such as pressed ceramics. The digital restoration process also has many advantages over the traditional impression and model methods. Utilizing this method and material for restoration can improve customer satisfaction and office productivity while helping to avoid complications that are common of other methods and materials.

Faster Results

The most significant advance of using digital scanning for restorations is the difference in turn-around time. When an impression is used to generate a restoration, the process usually takes about two weeks. The lab must receive the impression, disinfect it, pour the material that will be used for the restoration, then fire and perfect the restoration. When a model is used for restoration, the model must be received and scanned into the system so that it can be used to fabricate the restoration. When digital scanning is used, all of these steps are cut out and the lab simply receives the workable scan that will be needed to begin fabrication.

Reduced Risk of Errors

In addition to reducing the time that it takes to begin and therefore complete fabrication, using digital scanning allows a more direct line from the dentist to the lab that can help reduce errors. If there are any problems with the scan, the lab can quickly communicate the issue to the dentist so that a new scan can be obtained. The digital scanning process also allows dentists to more carefully review the scan before sending than other methods, so that issues can be caught before the scan is sent.

Accuracy of Restoration

Digital Lava restoration allows greater precision than other restoration methods. Lava is a resin nano ceramic material that is not as brittle as other ceramics. The lack of brittleness allows Lava to be milled so that the edges are smoother and closer to the contours of the natural tooth than is possible with other materials.

Durability of Lava

Lava has a high fluxal strength that makes it ideal for use in posterior restorations. The material is highly resistant to wear and will stay looking bright and polished for a long time. The material is also less abrasive to the enamel of the surrounding teeth than glass ceramics.

Increased Patient Comfort

Digital Lava restoration is much more comfortable for patients all around. The scanning process helps patients to avoid the cumbersome process of taking impressions. After the procedure has been completed, Lava restorations usually fit better and feel more natural and smoother in the mouth.