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Dental Restorations Demand

Why is the Demand for Dental Restorations Increasing So Quickly?

The demand for dental implant procedures has been increasing very quickly over the last several years and only seems to be picking up speed. More and more dentists have begun to offer dental implant services to accommodate and capitalize on the growing demand. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry estimates that the prosthetic market will reach $6.4 billion by 2018. There are several factors behind this rising demand.

Increased Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is increasing among developed nations, with the life expectancy of Americans being about 78.74 years. With this longer life expectancy, more individuals require some kind of dental restoration to maintain dental health and quality of life. Dental restorations can help individuals to enjoy food more, can be instrumental in preventing dental health issues, and can help individuals in esthetic ways.

Increasing Elderly Population

With the baby boomer generation starting to reach senior status, there are now more older adults over the age of 65 than ever before. Older individuals are more likely to need dental restorations than younger individuals, so this shifting population percentage is helping to fuel the demand for dental restorations. This shift in population is expected to continue for many years to come, so the demand for dental implant procedures should only continue to increase.

Baby boomers have more purchasing power than the generations before them, as well, which makes them more capable of affording dental restoration services.

Increasing Per Capita Expenditure on Health Services

Due to more universally available healthcare and improvements in the economy, there has been a rapid increase in per capita expenditures on health services. Dentistry and dental restorations have not been excluded from this surge. While older adults are more likely to need dental restorations, younger individuals that are in need of dental repair work are more likely to get restorations now than in the past.

Improvements in Dental Restorations

In addition to an improved need for dental restoration overall and an improved ability to pay for dental restoration services, individuals are also more willing to get dental restorations now than in the past because of improvements in the restorations themselves. Increased attention is being paid by dental laboratories to make sure that dental prosthetics look like natural teeth instead of implants.

Prosthetics can now more closely mimic the light dispersion through teeth and the color of natural teeth, making it more difficult to tell restorations from natural teeth. With this improved esthetic appeal, restorations have a greater allure than in the past.